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Ferro Alloys are used to make quality steel and to achieve the required chemical and physical properties in steel. We are making mainly two types of ferro-alloys, namely, Si-Mn and Fe-Mn.

Si-Mn: Mn- 40-65%, Si- 10-15%.
Fe-Mn: Mn- 70-75%.
Sizes: Export 10 mm-60 mm, Domestic 25mm-150mm.

Specification: Ferro Alloys

Ferro Manganese:

Mn 65% Min 70% Min 75% Min
C 6-8% 6-8% 7%
Si 1.50% Max 1.50% Max 1.20% Max
P 0.30% Max 0.30% Max 0.30% Max
S 0.03% Max 0.03% Max 0.03% Max

Silico Manganese:

Mn 60% Min 65% Min
Si 14% Min 15-17% Min
C 2.50% Max 2.20% Max
P 0.30% Max 0.30% Max
S 0.03% Max 0.03% Max

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