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The bonding benchmark: Steel and concrete have to behave as a single unit in a reinforcement structure. With Super Shakti 550+ SD TMT bars unique double Y rib pattern, the concrete grips the bar very strongly, forming the strongest bond. The reinforcement is further strengthened by its greater rib depth and closer rib spacing at different angles. Besides, CNC notch cutting ensures uniform rib pattern, thus ensuring uniform bonding throughout the structure. The uniformity and critically designed ribs also ensure that its fatigue strength and ductility are superior to ordinary TMT. Moreover, our complete and advanced integrated plant ensures consistent and superior TMT properties. Even the alloys and pig iron used in TMT making is produced under one roof. This entire in-house set up also allows for meticulexceptional quality standards.

Super Shakti, established in the year 1995 by Super Smelters Ltd., is a renowned brand in iron and steel manufacturing industry. We distribute and deliver products in various states with quick and speedy response to changing marketing needs. Please check the details for the dealers present at the respective states.

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